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Welcome to this specialized course in Project Management for PhD students. Focused on exploring the diverse landscape of project management research and practice, this course aligns with a seminal book that categorizes the field into nine distinct perspectives or schools of thought. Through theoretical discussions and practical case studies, you will gain insights into various approaches to project management and their applicability. Tailored specifically for PhD students, this course offers a rich framework for research exploration, equipping you with the nuanced understanding required to develop your own methodologies and strategies in the discipline.

Ethics and Decision Making. In an average day we take hundreds of decisions. According to Daniel Kahneman, the mind deals with decisions by using two different systems - System 1 that is fast and is based on your experience, for example when picking a soft drink, System 1 knows your preference and reaches for your favorite one. However , speed comes with a price, System 1 is not good at detailed analysis and can often by influenced by biases. System 2 is more deliberate, it is slower, takes in data, analyzes and then reaches a decision. In this course we will learn techniques that will help us deal with more complex decisions - situations where System 2 is going to be used. We will look at types of decisions where we know the decision parameters and cases when there is uncertainty. 

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